Everyday, we have at least  one person in our office who loves coffee, but obviously hates brewing a new pot. This person will drain the pot, but leave just a swallow in the bottom so they don't have to make a new batch. They have no problem drinking the Nectar Of Gods, but seem to think that replenishing it's stores is beneath them. Basically, they hose the next guy who wants a cup of joe. Nothing worse than counting on some coffee, and then finding out you have to wait at least ten more minutes before you can scald your tongue.

So, since this d-bag obviously has no idea how to make some coffee, here's a step by step guide:

1. Replace the old filter with a new one.

2. Use about 1 scoop for every two cups. (I use 5 scoops total for a whole pot...but they're big scoops, and I'm awesome)

3. Fill the water tank

4. Push the big blue button on top

5. Wait...just like you make everyone else do.

Congrats, you are now less of a douche!

(Editors Note: - I'm not being nice. If I new who was the culprit, I would have called them out, and challenged them to a duel, or something. Quit being a douche!)