Evansville Police Chief Mike Thompson has stated that the cause of the fire was suspected to be arson. It's possible the downed powerline was a result of the fire, and not the cause.


There is a fire in Evansville tonight, near the area of 5th and King Street.

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Multiple responders are on the scene, including Casper Fire-EMS, the Evansville Fire Department, the Evansville Police Department, Wyoming Medical Center and more.

Dispatch has stated that a downed power line that had fallen in the resident's backyard. It could have been the cause of the fire but we have been unable to confirm that with the on-scene Battalion Chief as of right now.

Please avoid the area.

K2 Radio News will update this story as more information becomes available, but below you can see various photos and some incredible video footage of the fire.

The first video comes courtesy of reader Ryan Larner, who shared footage of when the fire first started and when it was fully ablaze. There is some NSFW language in the video, so viewer discretion is advised.

This next video shows a Casper Firefighter attempting to do something with what appeared to be the powerline, before the powerline sparked, in what was a very scary scene. Luckily, the firefighter appeared to be unharmed.

The fire was big, but the multiple responders on scene are working hard to put it out. And despite the fire's red glare, the videos and photos gave proof through the night that the flag was still there.

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