On Sunday, massive pileups on Interstate 80 in southern Wyoming involving more than 100 vehicles that left three people dead and others injured occurred. Here's everything we know so far:

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County spokeswoman Stephanie Hinkle said the hospital in Rawlins treated roughly 30 patients in the ER. There was some overflow into a cafeteria initially due to the large number of patients.

As of Monday morning, there is no overflow in Rawlins hospital. Emergency crews are still assessing the scene and the hospital is expecting more patients.

Two patients were admitted for additional care.

The two crashes involved roughly 140 vehicles in total, Deputy Jason Mower, public affairs officer for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, told K2 Radio News in a phone interview Monday morning.

Crews are still working the larger scene, which involves about 100 vehicles near mile marker 184. The three deaths occurred in that pileup, Mower said, and the scene stretches for miles.

The other crash involved about 40 vehicles and, while no deaths have been reported in connection with that incident.

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