So far, 2023 has not given Casper, and much of the rest of the state of Wyoming, too many hot summer days, but the 4th of July this year was one of the coldest it's been in quite a long while.

This Independence Day (Tuesday, July 4th, 2023), the coolest recorded temperature of the day was 50°, with the high being 65°, according to data gleaned from the National Weather Service.

*The National Weather Service data comes from the Casper-Natrona County International Airport, which means temperatures could have been a few degrees warmer or cooler inside the actual Casper city limits*

The coldest reported fourth of July temperature ever was a harsh 30°, which occurred back in 1972.

Casper - 4th of July Weather Records
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While many local residents remember it snowing in the past ten to fifteen years on the fourth of July (me included), it appears to be the result of the Mandela Effect. Yes, it has snowed in the Cowboy State in July, on several occasions (2016 and 2021, being the most recent), it hasn't snowed in Casper in the month of July in quite some time.

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