2023 has been a rough year for a lot of folks and that rough streak is continuing.

Snow, rain, snowmelt and stormy weather delayed many of the normal Casper area summer activities. The heavy amounts of moisture we've received has taken it's toll on trees, terrain and trails.

Trail grooming was slow in some areas, since the snow stuck around a little longer, there were lots of downed trees and lots of trails were damaged and unsafe. The Central Wyoming Trails Alliance, had their work cut out for them and continue their mission of trail maintenance.

It's normal to have certain wear and tear on trails, but downed trees and erosion have caused access to some of the trails that we'd normally be able to use, to be denied.

Those trails are the private Lamberson / Mountain Sports trails, and because of the issues, they're going to remain closed for the rest of 2023.

It's understandable if this bums you out, but luckily there are lots of other options for you to get out and get that desired trail time.

Some of the recommended trails are ones that you may have already been using, like the trails at Hodadon, the trails you'll find around Beartrap Meadow, or on Muddy Mountain.

If you're having problems finding new trails to explore, have you checked out the Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Pathfinders? This will be your new go-to to help find new trail options.

By going to WyOutdoorRec.org, you can use their interactive Wonder Map to find trails for hiking, biking, motorized vehicles, horseback riding, camping and climbing. A perfect way for you to be able to help make up for other trails that may be closed this year.

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