Life in Wyoming is different from most places in the United States, but it isn't that foreign. I am often dumbfounded by the response when you tell someone you are from Wyoming. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I was reminded of this.

In an Uber ride, the driver mentions that Bill Gates owns some property in the state. That is true, but then she said, "I hope he doesn't buy up all the cows to make that fake meat." Two plus two must equal five.

Another driver asked, "Do they bring the cows inside when it gets cold?" Nope, it doesn't always work like that. Although, if my wife had a cow, she would bring it inside. I digress.

On Facebook, I asked our audience, What is the strangest thing someone has said when you tell them you live in Wyoming? The responses are pure gold.

Perspective is everything. What I've learned is people suck at geography. So many people don't know where the state is or even what country. There is a city named Wyoming in Minnesota and a Wyoming County in New York state. That aside, people around the country have no idea where we are.

Then we have the people who believe Wyoming doesn't exist. Yes, they think it is a conspiracy, and I've traced it back to a Garfield and Friends cartoon sketch. It goes, have you ever met someone from Wyoming? No, that means it doesn't exist.

The StrangeReactions When You Tell Someone You Are From Wyoming

We asked what the strangest reaction you've got when you tell someone you are from Wyoming. There were over 300 responses full of pure gold, from bad geography and poor historical context to just pure nonsense. Now please enjoy and know that, as Bill Engvall said, you can't fix stupid.

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