When we're having a rough time with something, we often try to avoid our problems and not look for help. There comes a point when you have to get help, or you could continue to spiral.

For many, turning to the bottle to cover up those problems is the easiest way to try an cope. Some will look to other people to help and others will rely on their 4 legged companion.

In the movie 'The Year Of The Dog', Matt (Rob Grabow) is an alcoholic in his mid 30's who's looking to pick himself up and give his mother her dying wish, to see him sober. To accomplish this feat, Matt finds a stray dog that has a special talent as a 'pull dog' and is the final piece of the puzzle that Matt's looking for. Focusing on his new friend, Yup'ik, Matt starts to take shape and his goal is achievable.

The subject matter of this movie is sometimes dark and will hit home for some viewers, but at the same time gives

Rob Grabow, grew up in Wyoming & Montana and went to school for finance. Finance wasn't what he really wanted to do though, acting was his calling and he set the finance career aside to focus on acting.

If you're going to do something like acting, you should shoot for the stars and train with the best. So, Rob loaded up and moved to New York city to attend the same acting school that actors like Bradley Cooper attended, The Actors Studio Drama School.

Grabow says he came to acting pretty late in the game.

I was in school in my early 30's with 20-21 year olds so it was pretty interesting to go to acting school later in life.

After completing school, he jumped into the acting world with both feet. Acting in short films, tv series' as well as writing, producing and directing in his first feature film.

TYOTD - Rob & Caleb as Matt & Yupik 1
Photo Credit Rob Grabow

That brings us back to 'The Year Of The Dog', which was written, produced, directed and starring Rob. The film is Rob's first starring role in a feature film and he gets to act with a rescued Siberian Husky named Caleb (YUP'IK).

Rob says that he wrote the script and is a huge dog lover.

I moved around a lot as a kid, so I lived in one place for more than a year. One of the staple components of my live was my Newfoundland that I loved very much, named basil, and so it was nice opportunity to highlight an aspect of my own life but also the importance of the human/dog, human/ animal relationship.

TYOTD - Rob & Caleb as Matt & Yupik 3
Photo Credit Rob Grabow

The movie is scheduled to open in Casper February 24th at the Studio City Mesa + ARQ theater. The cool part is, when the movie opens in all 100 cities across the country they are donating 5% of all profits to local animal shelters and organizations. In Casper, the 5% will be donated to the Casper Humane Society in Caleb's honor.

Rob Caleb 2
Paradise Valley Pictures via YouTube


Catch the film starting February 24th. Take a look at the trailer below.

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