Jeff Goldblum was trending on Twitter first thing this morning, so naturally I assumed the worst: that he had succumbed to some COVID-19 related illness.

Much to my surprise, it was because a video of his doppelganger (see also: non-relative lookalike) engaged in a street fight. What makes this particular street fight even more epic, is the fake-Goldblum performed a perfect spinning roundhouse which took all the fight out of his opponent!

*WARNING: some of the language in these videos is NSFW.* 

Here's another angle and round 2:

We have no clue who this guy really is, but it is clear he's had some sort of martial arts training. Even in the second round when the shirtless guy comes at him with a 2x4, fake-Goldblum is still able to disarm him and get the upper hand.

Maybe's he's really Jeff Goldblum's former stunt double. Yeah... that makes sense. At this point we just want to know more. What caused the fight? Who started it? Have any arrests been made? Who is this guy really? Hopefully the future will give us answers.

A big thanks to Twitter account @fallenleo for sharing this with the world. In less than 24 hours, the initial video has already been viewed over 8.3 million times! That's the definition of viral.

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