Well this should be cause for concern among celebs about the security at the Grammys. A would-be speech crasher with a history of bugging celebs at high-profile events was about to swoop in and annoy Adele as she accepted her Grammy for Best Solo Pop Performance on Sunday night (Feb. 10) when Jennifer Lopez swooped in and saved the day with quick flick of her sunkissed wrist.

Vitalii Seduik, a Ukranian TV personality who once tried to smooch Will Smith and who gave Madonna hydrangeas, tried to disrupt Adele's acceptance speech. He somehow managed to get on stage as the British songstress was ascending the steps, clearly confused to who he was or why he was there.

Thankfully, J. Lo set this annoying little gnat straight, shrugging him off with a hand motion, which screamed, "GTFOH." Translation? Get the you-know-what outta here.

Seduik somehow gained access to the event without a ticket or pass and sat in Adam Levine's seat. How dare he.

He was eventually apprehended by security and spent the night in jail, according to EW.

Give it up, guy. You're not funny.

It was a busy night for Adele, though. She had to ward off this annoying dude and then she supposedly scolded Chris Brown for dissing Frank Ocean by remaining seated when he won his Grammy.