Jennifer Lopez is normally a composed, in control diva, but even she makes a big verbal mistake and lets an 'F' bomb drop every now again. Only this time, the singer, actress, fashion designer, producer and reality show star did it on live TV during Wednesday's (March 26) episode of 'American Idol.'

So what, exactly, caused JLo to curse? Was she annoyed by a talented contestant's lackluster performance? Nah, that's not her style. Was she frustrated with the way things were going during the episode? Negative! Was she disagreeing with a critique? Nope, that wasn't it, either.

Turns out, her fellow panelists were ribbing her in good-natured fashion and she gave it right back to 'em.

During a critique of a contestant, Lopez suggested that the female singer get a little messy and toss her hair around and just get into it. That's when her co-judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. were trying to get her to do the same hair flip which she had advised the contestant to do. The audience got in on the fun, too. It drove JLo to let the "F" slip from her lips, seemingly telling them to "F" off in a playful way.

The censors at Fox appeared to edit the gaffe quickly, as you can see from the video above.

Lopez quickly realized her error and put her hand up to her lips. She was totally embarrassed, but it could have been a lot worse, since she didn't shout it.