Jennifer Lopez, who has come under criticism for her own live singing ability, gave a refreshingly honest and candid take on Beyonce's lip-syncing controversy. Sitting down with Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show,' Lopez put it simply: Everybody does it sometimes.

Lopez was actually on hand to discuss her new movie 'Parker,' but wound up chatting about Queen Bey's possible lip syncing gaffe from the Presidential Inauguration. J. Lo admitted that she never performed for any president yet in her career, but that she admits nerves play a role in big shows, even for the most stellar singers on the planet.

"I was asked to perform for the President at the White House," Lopez said, "and it was nerve wracking to even think about it. I couldn't do it -- I think I was on a film or something," she continued, "but even just thinking about it. Like, what do you do when you go there?!"

It's still unclear whether Beyonce actually lip synced, as many videos from the performance feature her audibly singing, albeit along to the prerecorded track.

Stewart brought up Beyonce's controversy, and Lopez was extremely honest and diplomatic in her response. (This is why a lot of people miss her from her 'American Idol' days!)

"You know, sometimes it happens when you're in certain stadiums and certain venues and stuff, they do prerecord things because you're going to have that terrible slapback -- so people do it," she said. "If I remember correctly ... I think Whitney Houston was prerecorded." (She's right!) "And it was an amazing rendition, everybody loved it, it became a huge hit."

Lopez put it simply: "There are times -- all performers do have to do it at some point."

Not only did J. Lo sound off, but the most infamous lip syncer (well, pre-Ashlee Simpson, anyway) did too. Fab Morvan from Milli Vanilli says we all need to give Bey a break.

"It's hard to believe, in this day of auto-tune, that people are still acting surprised [by Beyonce lip-syncing]," he told TMZ. "Everyone knows Beyonce can sing. Everyone should just step back and relax. There are far more important things to worry about. But I can certainly relate to what she's going through." Amen!