Samuel Barrett was found guilty on nine sexual assault and related charges on Thursday night on the last day of the eight-day trial in Natrona County District Court.

The jury received the case from Judge Daniel Forgey late afternoon Thursday, and District Attorney Dan Itzen said Friday morning it deliberated for about three hours.

"I was pretty happy about it," Itzen said.

"Law enforcement worked pretty hard on it," he added.

Barrett was immediately taken into custody, Itzen said.

A pre-sentence investigation will be conducted over the next eight to nine weeks and a sentencing date will be set, he said.

Thursday, Barrett declined to testify on his own behalf.

He was charged with, and found guilty of six counts of first-degree sexual assault (rape), two counts of sexual exploitation of children and one count of blackmail.

Barrett could face decades behind bars because the sexual assault counts have mandatory minimum sentences. Barrett also is a convicted sex offender.

Itzen said the judge will determine the sentence, but it could be severe because there were multiple victims.

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