Beliebers, it's time to "ooh" and "aah" over Justin Bieber and his many tattoos.

The singer's latest NEO video is here. In it, he smiles, holds guitars, sings, dances, jumps down steps and shows off his plentiful tattoos. It promotes the Adidas NEO brand that he reps and encourages fans to participate in making their own Bieber videos. Details are inside the clip, so have at it. The Biebs is picking the best video. too.

Additionally, two fan-filmed clips show off what looks like MORE new tattoos. He met up with fans in Toronto and he took time to chat with them. One fan said his sleeve looks so good and there looks to be more fresh ink on his other arm after the Banksy tattoo. He said it's still healing and there is more doodling on his right forearm. You can see it clearly at the 1:28 mark or so.

Biebs also asked for a group photo since he was cold and improperly dressed for the chilly weather, BUT he actually obliged all fans, hugging them as they ask, kissing them as they ask and posing as they ask.

So we have to say, he is ALL about his Beliebers. He got a jacket and continued to pose.

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