Keri Hilson used to wear men’s clothes when she was a kid in Atlanta back in the ‘90s. Hilson tells the Los Angeles Times: “Growing up, I was a lot more boyish. I only shopped in the men’s department of Rich’s and Macy’s. My mom would drop me off in the men’s section and do her shopping in the women’s section.”

But Keri wasn’t trying to be a dude. In fact she got a lot of her style from a hip hop girl group. Keri tells the LA Times: "TLC had a lot to do with bringing back the tomboy look. The '90s was an era of mixing masculine and feminine. You might wear a cutoff shirt and show your girlie parts but then sag your jeans. I always loved the blend of hard and soft. Like, 'OK, if I'm showing this, then I'm not showing this.'"