Kim Kardashian-West posted a new photo of herself and her 4-year-old son Saint in an ATV on their ranch in Cody, Wyoming over the weekend. Her equally famous husband, Kanye West, was not present in the photo, nor were any of the couples other three children.

Most believe the photo to be a throwback from 2019, considering their summer-like attire. Wyoming was not warm enough for that type of clothing the day she posted it (February 29th, 2020). Also Kim posted other videos and pictures of herself in Miami at the same time. Furthermore, Ye was in Paris around that same time period. He even decided to take one of his amphibious vehicles with him (that the media have since dubbed a "tank", because of it's military-esque look).

Since the West/Kardashian family first purchased land in the Cowboy State back in September 2019, Kanye has already held his Sunday Service choir praise service in Cody, started the ball running for his Adidas sample lab in Cody, purchased another $15 million dollar ranch in Wyoming and filmed two music video in the state: Follow God and Closed On Sunday.

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