It's not an odd question to ask how long you have known your significant other. People ask because it's important and they care. They aren't asking to criticize if you just met but to see what you know about this person. 

I know people call this paranoid but I won't date someone that at least someone I know knows, so they can give you some insight into this person. Not to say someone you just meet is bad but it's always important to get to know someone and spend ample time with them before making any big decisions.

Many people meet, fall in love and are off having kids or getting married, most don't end up working out. A recent story that hit home for me was a fellow media lady in my home area was visiting someone when her ex husband showed up and fatally shot her, the other person and himself. I don't know all the details and won't speculate.

It made my heart heavy to hear this story but also to hear this was this ladies ex-husband, someone she trusted. People are unpredictable and sometimes you never actually know. The world can be such a sad place it is nice to know that the person beside you will never hurt you and you can trust them 100%.

Love is great but can also be blinding, always be true to yourself.