Once again somebody writes up a "study", having never been to the places they are talking about.

This time it's the website This VS That.

Their headline is - The Stereotypical Meal That Represents Your State.

At this point, I would lay money, a lot of money, on the odds that the author of this article only Googled a few things and actually has NO IDEA what they are talking about.

Let's look at what they wrote about Wyoming to find out. I hate that I always have to scroll to the end of the article to find Wyoming.

Angry Elk
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Wyoming may be last in an alphabetical state list, but it isn’t last in food. Like other states in the area, elk is huge. Wyoming likes to make burgers out of elk and serve it up with a side of potatoes and salad. Count us in!

I'll give them points for saying nice things about Wyoming.

But elk? Really? 

Yes, we eat elk in Wyoming. There are lots of elk around and we hunt them and eat them. Yet I rarely find elk burgers on any restaurant menu.  I've never seen it at a backyard cookout, though I'm sure it happens now and then.

If they wanted to say that we were known for Bison Burgers, well, okay, maybe. That makes the menu at restaurants a lot and curious tourists like to try it. Bison burgers are really good.

Gourmand Girl Eating Tasty Hamburger at Fast Food Restaurant
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Their headline is The Stereotypical Meal That Represents Your State. I don't see how that is elk.

I should probably just give up on hoping that the people who do internet studies will actually ever do any real work beyond a 2-second search on google.

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