After photos of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt surfaced, Beliebers went nuts looking for explanations, potential PhotoShop evidence -- anything to possibly exonerate their idol, who has maintained a pretty squeaky clean image since his 'One Time' days. Now sources close to Bieber are pointing fingers at his buddy Lil Twist for leading him down the weed-infested path.

TMZ reports that Lil Twist, who was driving Bieber's Ferrari when paparazzo Chris Guerra was killed, was rolling blunts for Bieber and his friends in a Newport hotel room last week, and that he and Bieber smoke together pretty regularly. The site also reports that Lil Twist and Bieber spent the day in his Four Seasons hotel room before the incident went down.

Sources close to Biebs think Lil Twist (whose Instagram profile pic is of his mug in a cloud of smoke) is a negative influence on the tween heartthrob, and they're scared that he'll ruin Bieber's rep for good.

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Bieber's handlers are none too pleased with the leak of the marijuana smoking photos. A source told Us Weekly that his camp "isn't happy about those photos. They are grilling security about who could have taken them."

For his part, Bieber hasn't addressed the drug use directly, but he promises to "be better." Or at least be better at confiscating cell phones when you're doing things your fans (and their parents, whose wallets they frequent) wouldn't approve of!

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