Most of you already know that I am an avid snowshoer, and spend at least one day a week up on Casper Mountain.

While I usually go with a friend or my family, I have been known to hit the trails alone. I'm normally pretty comfortable doing this, but there have been a few times when I've heard something strange or had that weird "someone is watching me" feeling.

I think it's not unusual to feel like that when you're alone in the vastness that is the Wyoming wilderness. Those of us that live here know that there can be very real dangers out there.

A few days ago my friend (Stacy Meyer) sent me a video of strange noises she heard while snowshoeing this past weekend, my first thought was "bigfoot."

That's a totally normal reaction, right?

She said that they were up on the mountain around 3:30 in the afternoon on the Eadsville Trail. They mention they were near the open area where the slash pile is located (those of you that hike and snowshoe often will know the location).

Now that you've had a chance to listen, what do you think it is?

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