One of the most elusive creatures in history is Bigfoot. As of this date, no one has captured conclusive proof that he/she/it exists. However, there are some dudes that believe they've found a Bigfoot "nest" in Wyoming and have the video to prove it.

One of the more active Bigfoot groups in our state happens to be Wyoming Bigfoot on YouTube. I've watched multiple videos of this find of theirs and I don't believe they have divulged the exact location unless I missed something. Here's their initial find of what they call "Bigfoot Nest Found".

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The returned a few months ago and brought their drone with them to get the visual from above.

YouTube comments on their Bigfoot nest range from interested to slightly mocking including this guy:

Kevin Byrd - "Nest? Isn't he too large for nests?"

Kenny Thibodeau "is this dude really walking through the woods, drinking a beer and carrying a fire arm? #classic"

Not everyone was laughing though...

Lois Austin - "Such a strange mystery. It all has a purpose and means something, but doubt we will ever know what. That's the biggest nest I've seen anywhere so far."

It appears Lois has seen multiple Bigfoot nests?

Before you laugh at this, it's worth noting that many Bigfoot researchers believe that down trees in a teepee formation like they found are a sign of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch presence so they're not alone in their thinking.

If Bigfoot things interest you, make sure you follow them on YouTube as they frequently share their Wyoming adventures.

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