According to a press release, community members from Highland Park Community Church (HPCC) partnered with the Natrona County School District's (NCSD) Maintenance and Custodial team to complete several community service projects throughout the district on school grounds.

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Darren Adwalpalker, a pastor for HPCC, said the work done is part of the annual Love Your City project that has been going on for five years, with around 350 people of all ages participating this year from June 13 to 19.

Adwalpalker said his congregation did work around the city not just for the NCSD, but also for organizations like True Care and Vision Beyond Borders as a way to give back to the community.

"We live in a divided world and this is just a way to say we're here to help, to serve, to love. Our inspiration comes from Jesus, who took up a towel and wash basin and washed the feet of the disciples. We took up rakes and shovels and cleaned up around our city. I think the way forward in our society is if we look towards the needs of others, and not just ourselves."

Scott Honken, director of Maintenance and Custodial Services, said:

"It was truly a terrific experience partnering with HPCC on their Love Your City projects to enhance our grounds. Their project teams were an immense help planting trees, flowers, and bushes. As well as picking up trash, adding mulch, pulling weeds, and doing a multitude of other projects. The enthusiasm of the volunteers and the dedicated work of the Love Your City project will have a lasting impact on our schools and community for years to come."

Tanya Southerland, director of Public Relations for the NCSD, said the work done by HPCC happened over the course of the summer at several schools in Casper including Park, Centennial, Bar Nunn, Evansville, Sagewood, and Lincoln.

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