Highland Park Community Church will hold its services online for the next two Sundays as a response to the contagious novel coronavirus, its lead pastor announced in a video.

"On Sundays March 22 and March 29, we will be having services online only," Mike Fackler said in a video released on Friday.

"What that means is our building is going to be closed," Fackler said. The church is located at 5725 Highland Drive.

"We're not going to be in a building together as a church, but we'll be online together as a church, and we really looking forward to you being there with us," he said.

The church also has decided to suspend its Wednesday night programs and all other activities in the building for the next two weeks, Fackler said.

"We're not afraid, we just want to be wise, and we want to think about you and protect as many people as possible as we just kind of go into uncharted waters with this coronavirus with everybody else," he said.

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