Madonna is planning to release a DVD documenting her mega successful MDNA tour, which traversed the globe in 2012.

In addition to sharing the 'Gang Bang' video backdrop, the Material Girl has collaborated with Uniqlo on some t-shirts with her image and likeness.

The shirts are 20 bucks --which is cheap considering that most tour merch is often hefty and double that price -- on the Uniqlo site. Interested? You can check them out here.

The one to the left is an updated rendering of her 'True Blue' album cover, which featured Her Majesty's profile and a short shock of white blonde hair. It's iconic, to say the least.

If you like classic Madge images and wearing t-shirts featuring your favorite pop divas, why not grab one or two? Word on the street is that they are selling like hotcakes so it's best to grab one before they're all gone.

And if you really love Madonna's signature style and are under the age of 25, then be sure and hit up your local Macy's for her Material Girl junior's line. Or nab her branded shoes.

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