Kesha is a handful and we think she gave Conan O'Brien all he could handle as a guest on his TBS show.

Not only did Kesha arrive in an outfit covered in Conan heads, but she discussed some of her favorite topics like beards, writing music with her boobs and her glittery live show. She even gifted Conan with a pair of underwear that had her face emblazoned across the front along with a fan's tooth she had dipped in gold and put on a necklace for the late night talk show host. O'Brien joked, "I'm going to plant this on a crime scene." Maybe you Animals should stop sending your teeth to K$ now!

While her love affair with beards is very well-documented as we all saw on the premiere of her show 'My Crazy Beautiful Life,' she did tell Conan that she frequented a beard growing contest where she made out with one particular gentleman who incorporated plastic dinosaurs into his facial hair entry. He knows how to impress Kesha!

The newest factoid Kesha revealed was that she wrote some of her favorite songs on her latest album 'Warrior,' by prodding at a piano with her boobs. Yes, you read that correctly. Some of Kesha's songs were written by mammary glands.

Of course no interview with Kesha would be complete without the mention of glitter. After she showed a clip from her show where her concert entrance did not go quite as planned, K-Dollar Sign admitted that she was really upset because she wants to give every fan a show that will be remembered as the best night of their lives. But it was all good as Kesha explained, "I sprayed glitter on them and they seemed to forget about it," to which Conan quipped, "When a joke doesn't go on the show, I just fire glitter into their eyes."

No one ever said Kesha was a boring lady and this interview just goes to show that and then some!

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