Just about everyone is on Facebook, but many still aren't using all of the fun things you can do with Facebook, especially in the comments box. Surprise your friends by putting in a little picture of a shark or a penguin when you comment on someone's status update or picture. Here's how.

Make a Penguin in your comments
use the 'less than' symbol, open parentheses, quotes, closed parentheses

Make a shark
open parentheses, carrot, carrot, carrot, closed parentheses

Make a Robot
: |]
colon, separater (the sraight line), closed bracket

How to make Pac-Man
colon, v

How to make a Thumbs Up
parentheses, capital Y, closed parentheses

Someone's face (guessing his name is Putnam)
colon, putnam, colon

And most of your usual faces like or :/ or :O

Now, there's aren't all of them, as there are several more. Have fun!