Although the conversation about whether or not parents are planning to send their children back to school has been a heated topic during the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems Casperites are ready.

During my daily social media runs, I had noticed a lot of my friends and relatives were on the fence about the subject, so we put it to a vote on our Facebook page. A shocking 72% of the people polled said they were indeed sending their children back to school when the season starts, with only 28% saying no.

Are you going to send your kids back to school?

Posted by 104.7 KISS-FM on Thursday, August 6, 2020

For the ones that said they were sending their kids back, things like extracurricular activities (sports, band, JROTC, etc.), played a major role in the decision. Other working parents with younger school age children, have already had them in group settings throughout the summer and the lockdown anyway, because of daycare. A lot that group doesn't see a major difference in the two settings.

Still, there were some doubts and worries amongst the majority that even though they're planning on sending them back, they still feel like the class room setting is best.

No matter what side of the discussion you're on, here's to hoping the pandemic ends soon and we can get back to the "real" normal, vice the "new" normal we've had to endure and get accustom to the last six months.

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