It's a subject that no one ever really wants to talk about, but every single person on the planet has to do, multiple times daily. While bodily elimination is a foul topic, it is still a necessity. That's why the Boston-based gas finder website, GasBuddy conducted a recent survey ranking the bathrooms of gas stations across the nation.

GasBuddy collected data over a three year time frame, beginning September 2016 and ending April 2019. In order to even be considered for the survey, a brand had to have at least twenty individual locations. For Wyoming, Maverik secured the number spot.

Frank Beard, the convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy stated:

The reputation of gas station restrooms has cleaned up significantly in the past three years, with brands making concentrated efforts to make their facilities sparkle. In fact, companies like Maverik and Sinclair respectively doubled and tripled their share of states with the top-rated restrooms in the span of a year, further proving the competition is overflowing at gas station restrooms nationwide.

Clean, quality restrooms continue to be a concern for motorists. GasBuddy's 2019 summer travel survey also concluded that 40% of travelers fear needing to use the restroom, but not knowing where to find a clean one, which was an increase of 3% from the previous year.

According to the study, although Maverik captured the most states, the Texas-based Buc-ee’s clenched the top spot with the highest-rated gas station restrooms in the entire nation.

For the complete rankings of each state, click here.

Top Rated Gas Station Bathrooms Map

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