Why did I decide to do my 6 favorite Vines?  Because Vine's are only 6-seconds long!

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Vine's have become my recent obsession, if you don't know what Vine's are, they're videos made using the app called Vine.  It's basically like Twitter or Instagram just with 6-second videos, and I've found that 6 seconds is the perfect amount of time to make a hilarious video that doesn't take too long to watch and holds your attention.

1) The Human Shellfish

2) The Lion King Reenactment

3) How To Wop And Do Laundry

4) This is My Jam

5) Another Side To Me

(PS this one has a little bit of language in it so be careful where you watch it!)

6) Gary Thought it Was Mother's Day

There you have it, a few of my favorite vines! I have a ton of favorites so picking 6 was insanely hard! Have you seen any funny vines? Link them to me down below! :)