Lady Gaga is revealing more and more about 'ARTPOP,' but in true Mother Monster fashion, it's on her own terms. For every morsel of information she lets her Little Monsters devour, a whole new slew of vagueness and mysteries emerge.

In the latest installment of the 'ARTPOP' legacy, a video leaked -- however, it seems to be deliberate. It's professionally shot, on a YouTube account with the username "ARTPOP" and is clearly a promo tool.

Previous 'ARTPOP' revelations included a massive update on her Little Monsters site, featuring
the release dates for the first single (Aug. 19, but the actual single title is TBA), preorder of the app (Sept. 1) and album itself (Nov. 11). Additionally, a snippet of 'Burqua' demos leaked as well.

Not much happens in the clip, which features a brunette Gaga, her brown eyes replaced with green (but natural looking) contact lenses. She's got some weird stuff on her fingers and moves only her tongue -- but she does that well, as a voice in the background can be overheard saying, "Gaga, you lick your teeth really well!"

Add that, along with singing, dancing, songwriting, perfuming, styling and keeping herself in the press, to the long laundry list of Gaga's skill set. Welcome back!