Not surprisingly, women eat less when they’re around men, presumably due to social conventions.

Researchers have also discovered however, that when men eat with women, they tend to load up their plates with more calories than they’d eat down around other men.

Participants in the study claimed that they had not consciously taken their dining partner’s gender into consideration when loading up on food, which means that something subconscious is driving them to chow down.

I used to be self-conscious about eating in front of a date when I was younger.  After my divorce, I decided that if someone was going to like me, they had to like the “real” me…and the “real” me is a bit of a pig.  I have always been a big eater.  I find guys like it when you order a steak, baked potato with all the fixings, and even dessert!

Are you shy about eating in front of others?