While most are just now getting set into football season, others are just patiently counting the days until basketball season starts. I fall into that second category.

Although not a huge Kobe Bryant fan (I actually despise the man, although at the same time, I do respect his skill), this video does have some very interesting edits. Michael Jordan is arguably the best to have EVER played the game. That being said, I see where the comparison comes from.

Many argue that LeBron James may be the next thing closest to MJ now that Kobe is "aging out", but I think Bryant makes for a better side-by-side comparison.They both played shooting guard. They're both 6'6". MJ wore #23. Bryant wears #24. They both won championships under Phil Jackson. They're style of play is so similar, it's uncanny!!!

Now this takes nothing away from LeBron, because I think another 20 years from now, he has a chance of being spoken about like Jordan. But pound for pound, Kobe/Jordan would be the battle.

Who do you think would reign victorious in their prime: Kobe or Jordan? Take the poll and feel free to sound off below.