Miley Cyrus had to go to the doctor's office because she was feeling a bit under the weather, so of course the paparazzi assume she's pregnant. When she exited the building a photog asked her if she was expecting a bundle of joy to which Cyrus responded in a very congested voice, "No, I'm f--kin' sick, you b---h." Claws are out! This truly reaffirms the old saying, "When you assume, you make an a-- out of you and me." Neither party comes off looking good here.

The paps then caught up with the pop star's friend while he was picking up some meds for Miley (that sounds like a good band name, right?) at the drug store. When he saw the photogs outside, he joked, "You aren't really gonna pap me in front of the CVS?" He even affirmed that Miley was "great," when asked if she was going to be okay.

Honestly, could the paparazzo captured a more boring moment than a guy picking up some antibiotics for their sick friend? Tomorrow we'll be talking about Taylor Swift's brother running out to Shop Rite for garbage bags because *GASP!* she was all out!

So, just a word to all the paparazzi out there... Do NOT ask Miley if she's preggers. You're most likely not going to like the answer she'll give!