Miley Cyrus has finally responded to rumors that she is up for the role of Tinker Bell in a live staging of 'Peter Pan' and she did so in typical Miley fashion.

The singer tweeted a picture of the tabloid story purporting her desire to be cast in the role and said she'd rather choke on her own tongue than play the part. Since Cyrus flashes her tongue with incredible frequency, we got that message, both loudly and clearly.

Cyrus also took down the gossipers suggesting that there was something romantic between her and Justin Bieber, claiming a pic was Photoshopped.

Looks like a few news headlines made it on her radar, even though she has said that she avoids reading her own press, which is a good idea when you are as famous as she is.

Lastly, the singer posted a photo of her bruised and battered knees. She was showing off those hard-earned battle scars and wounds from her Bangerz Tour. Yes, those bruises look majorly painful, but Miley is sacrificing her body in order to put on a good show for her Smilers.