After over more than a year and a half of waiting, it's finally here!!! Today marks the launch of the official WWE Network, a 24/7 subscription-based video streaming service.

The major upside of the network is the price tag. With a $9.99 monthly subscription cost, you get a plethora of past events and WWE only shows, but it also includes all 12 monthly pay-for-view events. Those same monthly events carry a $30 - $60 price tag a piece!!! So let's do the math: if on average per year you order 2 pay-for-views, the services has already paid for itself. As big of a fan as I am, I usually only order Wrestlemania, but with such a low price tag, I'm most definitely going to sign up. That's bonding time for my kids and I (and yes, I finally broke down and told them it was all "scripted").

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So how can we access the WWE Network in Wyoming? I'm glad you asked. As of 9:00am this morning, it can be accessed via desktop or laptop at, through the WWE App on: Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices; Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku streaming devices, PlayStation 3 & 4 and Xbox 360. Availability on additional devices, including Xbox One and select Smart TVs, will follow in the summer of 2014.

A lot of cable providers like Dish and Direct TV are already upset. Of course they are! They can see their collective pocketbooks getting lighter. Why spend more for less access? The chief revenue and marketing officer for WWE quoted to Time magizine their main reason for bypassing cable companies and instead only offering the WWE Network online.

"Digital over-the-top offerings represent the future, and given that our passionate fans consume five times more online video content than non-WWE viewers and over-index for purchasing online subscriptions such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, we believe the time is now for a WWE Network".  

That sounds like a sound business decision to me.