For this week's edition of Monday Magic, the title pretty much gives away the trick, but it still has to be seen to be believed. Casper's hyper-reality specialist supreme, Lazarus Benson manages to amaze weekly, but this has left quite a few social media folk baffled... and you can add me to that list, as well.

Short version break down of the trick (which I'm not sure is even the right noun to use here), but Laz had a guy pick 4 cards (which were supposed to be the same type of card i.e.  all four Jacks or 10s, etc.), but they guy instead choice all the same suit. Then blindfolded and without shuffling the deck at all (he let the guy do all that), Laz still managed to get them all correct, with a brand new deck, that he let the guy open and with the deck face down!

This trick would have been impressive without the blindfold and without the cards being face down and without it being a new deck and without his volunteer shuffling them! Now add all that into it... MIND BLOWN!!! 

I have no idea how he plans to top this one, but I have no doubt that he will.