When you're quite possibly the best magician in the entire state and you've managed to pull off two surreal hyper-reality videos in as many weeks, what do you do to top that? If you're Lazarus Benson, you prank one of Casper's finest.

For this week's edition of Monday Magic, Laz made it appear he was drinking an alcoholic beverage, on the street, in the middle of the day!!! After being questioned by a policeman, he made the bottle disappear!!! If that's not astounding enough, he pulled it off... WITHOUT BEING ARRESTED!!!

Every time I think he can amaze no further, he proves me wrong and does it again. On a side-note, not only did he not get arrested, but Laz ended up performing street magic for the officer and his back up for probably a good hour, in the street, after pulling of this feat.