For last week's edition of Monday Magic, our very own Hyper-Reality Specialist Supreme Lazarus Benson, shocked me beyond belief. Having dabbled a little in the world of magic myself, a few of his tricks, although I couldn't do them myself, I understood the basic workings involved. Last week, not only did I have no clue, the level of difficulty attached to that one, and the levels included, left me pretty much speechless. I didn't think he was EVER going to be able to top that one!

Apparently, after telling Laz that, he decided to perform his latest feat of awesomeness... ON ME!!! After having me mentally choose a card, he managed to pull my card out of a brand new, unopened deck. Let me repeat myself for effect: after I mentally choose a card, at random, he was still able to pull my card out of a brand new deck. And not only that... it appeared to be my actual card, which was red, out of a brand new deck of blue cards!!! Laz really does just keep getting better and better!