Fans of the St. Louis Rams , who are soon to be the Los Angeles Rams (again), are steaming mad about the team moving and have even gone so far as to file a lawsuit against the team. They are seeking unspecified damages. Anyway there have been some big moves that have been disappointing more then the Rams moves. 

For what …? Pain and suffering? They were in pain and suffering while the team was in St. Louis because that team has stunk for years.

While it’s understandable that Rams fans are upset, this move REALLY isn’t that bad.

If you want real pain, consider what it was like when the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens. Passionate Browns fans actually set fires in the stadium when the team left.

Or, the Seattle SuperSonics moving to Oklahoma City to become the Thunder. Seattle had one of the most excited fan-bases in the NBA, sold out their arena regularly, and had one of the most exciting young players in the game in Kevin Durant. And then they left. That’s harsh.

But the most devastating franchise move of all time has to be the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis. This was the move that happened in the middle of the night. Colts fans in Baltimore went to bed with a football team to cheer for, and woke up without one. That’s the worst.

(For The Win)

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