Perhaps in an effort to put those pesky pregnancy rumors to rest, Beyonce released two new videos from her Mrs. Carter Show world tour -- and in one revealed that she had tonsillitis, which may help to explain her cancelled show in Belgium.

Before her concert in Zagreb, Croatia on April 17, Bey talked into a camera and dished on her illness. "I'm actually quite nervous because yesterday I was diagnosed with tonsillitis," she admitted backstage. Smiling through her pain, she continued, "Hopefully I'll give Croatia a great concert. I'm gonna fight as hard as I can and I know that God has my back and God will protect me."

That may be a plausible excuse for her cancelled show -- reportedly on doctor's orders -- in Antwerp, Belgium. Not everything is the result of a bun in the oven!

Despite her illness, she still put on an amazing show, evidenced by her pretty pipes belting out 'Halo' at the clip's conclusion.

And because she's a 'Grown Woman' and can do whatever she wants, she also started performing the track, which leaked this week, live. One of her tour staffers put it simply: "It's a different Beyonce, it's a very heartfelt Beyonce." If she can sing with tonsillitis, you better believe it's heartfelt!

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