Nate Tao delivered an effortlessly beautiful rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'For Once in My Life' on tonight's (Jan. 31) audition episode of 'American Idol,' which took place in Oklahoma City. Tao, who is from Virginia, was unique not just because of his melodious voice, but because he is the son of two deaf parents. So he communicates with his hands as effectively as he does his voice.

Tao, 24, delivered his version of 'For Once in My Life' like he wrote it. He sang it with such a pretty tone and flashed a winning smile, two things that any successful performer needs. He had talent and charm.

Mariah Carey enjoyed his beautiful voice and song choice, while her nemesister Nicki Minaj liked his charisma and that he had a unique tone for a guy.

Tao wore a tie, and while he looked like he was there to do Randy Jackson's taxes, he won the entire panel over with his smooth voice and earned a pass to the next round.

It's a shame that his parents can't hear that voice. He really does sing in such a darling way.