If you are a child of the 80's and/or a fan of the Mad Max movie franchise, this game might be for you. I stumbled upon this trailer and decided I take a couple of minutes out of my busy day to check it out.

First off, the game is visually stunning. The graphic artists must have spent a lot of painstaking hours to get the game to look this good. You can see all the details on the character from facial and body hair to dirt marks and wear on clothing. Even the type of fabric the main character's (Max) clothes are made out of, including a metal shoulder pad.

Next, it appears the game play will be similar to GTA (Grand Theft Auto) with the ability to traverse through an open environment, react and fight hand to hand, third person shooter style as well as having many elements of vehicular combat.

The game is scheduled for release early 2014, around the same time as the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie, starring Tom Hardy. Originally, the game was supposed to be a tie-in with the movie, but it has now been confirmed it will be considered a stand-alone story in the canon.