Have you seen the new 'smart' weight loss that was unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show? It's not on the market yet, but I can guarantee you it will be a big hit! The weight loss industry is already huge, so we'll always snap up the latest and greatest... and that's exactly what this new smart belt is! Not only does it tighten or loosen according to weight gain or loss, it's similar to fancy 'fitbit.' It's called 'Belty' and it connects with your smartphone and does some pretty amazing things, including vibrating when you've been sitting too long... the equivalent of saying, 'Hey fatty, get up and walk around!' The fancy new gadget also track activity via a built-in accelerometer. So, this  belt lets you know when your waist line expands AND when you're not moving around enough. Now if it would only tell me when to back away from the pizza! Or even better, post automatically to social media outlets to tell on you for hitting the Hershey Kisses on your bosses desk. The belt was designed by a French company called Emiota which hasn't revealed when 'Belty' will hit shelves or how much it will cost, however, they are aiming to release it this year. Hopefully, they'll work on the design and make it a bit more stylish and less noticeable. Nothing like announcing to the world your intentions whether you want to or not!