The hot new weight loss trend seems to be people tracking their calorie counting by "social gaming," where you earn prizes just by getting your sweat on. It's no big suprise, after a mere ten weeks, the ones who signed up to play the games worked out more often, AND lost a ton of weight.

If you are unclear on how social gaming works, here's a few apps that fall into that category. Get ready to download these from either Android or Apple marketplace and prepare to break out the slimmer shirts! 1.  Nexercise. This apps monitors your workouts. Every few minutes equals a few points, the more you workout, the more you can spend on an Amazon Gift Card! (Check it out on

2.  GymPact. This will actually drain your bank account if you do NOT work out! First, you decide how much the app will take out of your savings for each missed workout, then you have to "check-in" each time you pump some iron or get some cardio in.

This one actually charges you money if you don't work out.  But if you DO, you WIN money.  First you decide how much to penalize yourself for each workout you miss.  Then you have to "check in" every time you exercise. (Check it out at

3.  HealthRally. This allows your buddies to pledge money towards your fitness goals. ONce you reach the goal you set, expect to see some actual dollars deposited into your credit card balance! (Check it out at