Some 30 years after Corey Hart exploded onto the pop music scene with his iconic debut single 'Sunglasses at Night,' the song has been reborn in a unique and fresh way as 'Night Visions (Sunglasses).' But it's hardly V 2.0.

Hart teamed up with Papercha$er, a collective of musicians and producers who've worked with Rihanna and other assorted divas, to record a brand new vocal for the beloved track. The song has been reshaped and resculpted as a pulsating, beat-driven EDM track, possessed of the aforementioned, updated vocal and a fresh melody, all the while incorporating a Russian motif. You'll have to watch and listen for that part, but we think you'll dig it.

PopCrush is thrilled to premiere the video for the song, featuring Hart and a special guest!

The vid was filmed in South Beach, Miami, and captures the vibe and energy of the region and its nightlife. Hart's key co-star is his gorgeous daughter, Dante, 16.

Hart, who stepped away from the music biz to raise his four children, realizing it was impossible to maintain a recording career and raise children properly, spoke exclusively to PopCrush about working with his little girl.

He said, "Miss Dante is sensational in the music video. Of course I'm gonna say that -- she's my beautiful girl!!"

"But trying to be objective here, she's a total natural. You can't fake when the camera loves you," he gushed. (We agree!)

We wondered aloud if his kids see him as just "Dad," not realizing the huge artist he was in the '80s!

"Until recently, the kids only saw me as 'Dad' because the 'Rock Star' incarnation was completely off the radar," Hart said. "However, over the last year, as I resurfaced ever gently back into the spotlight with this new single and other projects, the children have been introduced to the other mix of their father. I hope they think it's kinda cool. I've heard no complaints thus far!"

So let Corey Hart back into your life or discover his unforgettable song and its unshakable hook by watching this fast-paced, thrilling video.

Also, watch this space on Friday (Nov. 1) for our exclusive interview with Hart, where he reveals why he decided to interpolate his hit song after denying the likes of Diddy and Nelly Furtado the opportunity to do so over the years.