It's like they always say, 'Where there's smoke, there's fire.' And where there's fire, there's the Natrona County Fire District. 

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It's been that way for 30 years and on Friday, the Natrona County Fire District celebrated 30 years of fire and emergency service.

That's according to a release from the NCFD, who wrote that they have "grown a lot in 30 years and cannot wait for what our next 30 years holds and beyond."

The NCFD provided a brief history lesson on its formation, which began in 1993.

"Prior to 1993, the Natrona County Fire Department had the role of providing those services to our citizens for many, many years," the release said. "Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances in the year 1992, the fire department had to dissolve and disband. The fire and emergency calls would continue; however, who would answer the call?"

The answer would be the Natrona County Fire District.

"The firefighters at the time did not go down without a fight," the release continued. "They went door to door; collecting signatures from the citizens of Natrona County to create, vote in, and form the Natrona County Fire District."

The door-to-door pitch worked. The Natrona County Fire District was officially up and running on January 1, 1993. Since that time, they have continued on the legacy of the department, and etched their own history in granite.

"With new growth comes new additions," the release stated. "We have added to our staffing, added a second station, expanded our fleet of fire engines, increased our capabilities and trainings; all to better respond to emergencies that arise. There have been many significant incidents between our start in '93 to today, ranging from large structure and wildland fires, to multiple rope and water rescues, to numerous medical calls and vehicle accidents and those numbers of calls continue to increase as well."

The NCFD wrote that, during this, their 30th year, they will post different photos and memories from past years. Some of those photos can be seen below:

Natrona County Fire District Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary of Service

It's like they always say, 'Where there's smoke, there's fire.' And where there's fire, there's the Natrona County Fire District. Check out these photos from the NCFD's 30-year history.

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