Casper Fire-EMS is encouraging Casper residents to keep fire hydrants around their homes and businesses free of snow.

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That's according to a release from Casper Fire-EMS, who wrote that they were reminding residents, property managers, and land owners to "remain vigilant" when it comes to keeping hydrants clear.

"Instances of hydrants being buried by snow removal efforts have been discovered across the City at various times today," Casper Fire-EMS wrote. "Casper Fire-EMS urges those who are removing snow to be mindful of the location of fire hydrants, and to do their utmost to keep the hydrants clear."

There are important reasons for this.

The release noted that there are approximately 3,500 fire hydrants that are attached to the City of Casper's water distribution system.

"Casper Fire-EMS firefighters aim to have at least 300 gallons of water per minute available immediately at every working structure fire," the release stated. "Casper Fire-EMS Engine companies carry 750 gallons of water each. Within two and a half minutes of continuous water application to an intensely burning structure fire, Engines will run out of water if not supplemented by another Engine, or connected to a hydrant. In the instance of discovering the closest hydrant being buried by snow, Firefighters who would otherwise be engaged in active firefighting efforts would then be forced to dig out hydrants to connect supply hoses."

It prolongs the process and could delay important rescue procedures.

Because of this, Casper Fire-EMS and other firefighters rely on snow removal crews, as well as everyday residents, to keep the hydrants clear - 3 feet in every direction.

"Casper Fire-EMS urges everyone who is able to take a few moments to examine the closest fire hydrant to their home, school, or workplace," the release stated. "Keep in mind that it may be in a parking lot, or in another location around a building – and may not necessarily be located by the street."

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