The best a man can get is not in Gillette, Wyoming - no disrespect to the town, but the company now owned by Proctor & Gamble has no relation to the city in Wyoming. That then raised the ever-so-important-question, what other Wyoming towns share their name with other products or companies?

It turns out there a few cities in Wyoming that share names with nationally recognized brands. Sometimes they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Other times if you follow the name back far enough (just like our nation's history) it goes back to England.

  • Burlington - not the coat factory

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    The Burlington Coat Factory, which has a store in nearly every state except Wyoming, is company born in Burlington, New Jersey. The town in Wyoming is named after the Burlington Railroad. Most likely you can trace both names back to England.

  • Powell - not the skateboard company

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    If you are familiar with skateboarding and it's culture, you know the name Powell-Peralta. The name is as old school as you get and goes back to the Dogtown and Z-boys.

    The town Powell in Wyoming is named after the man who led the first European trip through the Grand Canyon. He explored the Green and Colorado rivers. In Park County, they named a town after John Wesley Powell.

  • Casper - not the friendly ghost

  • Gillette - not the razor company

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    The town Gillette was named after a railroad surveyor Edward Gillette. The man invented the safety razors and the jingle "the best a man can get" is King C. Gillette born in Wisconsin. King has very little to do with Wyoming other than we sell his products.

  • Newcastle - not the beer

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    The Wyoming town Newcastle is named after the town in England (pictured above,) not the Brown Ale. According to, a coal company's superintendent named it after his hometown on the River Tyne.

    The beer Newcastle Brown Ale is named after the same town in England.The town and the beer share the same, but they are not named after each other. It's like they are half-brothers. No Bollocks.