Becky Black is back! That’s right, Internet overnight sensation Rebecca Black, who we thought was oh-so-2011, is rearing her pretty little head again with a quick guest spot in an installment of ‘S— Fashion Girls Say On the Internet,’ a killer fashion and beauty-themed YouTube channel/vlog.

The teen has a sit down with P’Trique, whose entire conversation with Black (and beyond) consists of social media speak. Tweet me. Friend me on Facebook. Instagram me. So. Much. Social. Media.

When the uber faboo P’Trique, with his blond locks and furry beard, sits down with Black, he squeals her name, calling her “Becky.” He of course takes an inventory of the social media means with which she keeps track of him. She is like, “Obvs” (aka “obviously”) when he grills her about her social media habits relating to him. Like duh. Instead of an air kiss, she says, “See you Friday.”


Black looks adorbs with curly locks as opposed to those heavy bangs she sported when she burst onto the scene last year.

With her ‘Friday’ video sidekick Benni Cinkle trying to remain relevant by releasing music and trying to forge a career, it’s only fair that Black force her way back into pop culture with a cute appearance on a fashion vlog. She’s staying ahead of the trends. Love ya. Mean it.

Watch Rebecca Black in ‘S— Fashion Girls Say On the Internet’

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