In all my days on social media, I don't think I've ever agreed with a concept more than this.

Recently, a friend shared a TikTok video with me of a young lady from Chicago giving some very valid reasons why visitors and vacationers should not be allowed to come to the colder states in the warmer months.

The woman's TikTok username is nairabills and I personally think she is a genius for this one. She captioned the 52-second video:

sitting here heating my car up and i decided today would be a good day to gate keep. STAY OVER THERE. #fyp #chicago

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Let me be the first to admit, I usually don't subscribe to the "we're full" or the "don't come here" mode of thinking, but I there are most definitely levels to this stuff.

For example: if you're willing to move here full time, I don't care where you're originally from. It could be California, Florida, Texas, NarniaPandora... literally ANYWHERE! As long as you're right here with the rest of us, toughing it out through a "snowmageddon", you deserve our wonder Wyoming summers (and pretty awesome fall and spring months too).

Now that doesn't mean you can't complain. You're still allowed to complain. I personally know people that have lived in the Cowboy State their entire lives, and they still complain about the winter, but you have to have lived here through at least two semi-severe winters prior to your complaining.

Yes, the winters here can suck, but they too can be awesome... depending on what you enjoying doing.

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