Wyoming was so rad back in the day. If you don't believe me, check out this Mountain Dew video that was filmed here back in 1986.

According to the video description, this commercial was done on the Snake River in Wyoming in 1986.

Did we really used to wear so many pastel colors? Did we think we were on Miami Vice? What's with all the hair spray? (Talking about the guys AND the girls)

This commercial was a part of Mountain Dew's "Country Cool" commercial series. There was another one that featured a lot of horses...in a river...pulling water skiers.

My guess is that these actors were out-of-town people because I can't see a Wyomingite saying "yes, it's a good idea to have my horse pull a water skier in the river".

Gnarly? Bodacious? Yes, both of those and every other 1980's word you can think of.

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